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The DaVinci Code
is fictional.

The Bible Code
is bogus.

The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble
is a GENUINE ancient artists' code which opens the door to long-hidden truths about the origins of mankind.

Reviews For The Parthenon Code

"The Parthenon Code may be the best, of thousands of books, I've read in decades."
Bill Merrell, Senior Advisor to the Southern Baptist Convention

"The Parthenon Code is the first interpretation of Greek Mythology that actually makes sense. Nothing is more exciting than solving a mystery and Robert nails it."
Lisa Lyon, Executive Producer of "Coast to Coast AM"

". . . One of the most original, engaging, thoughtful, and thought-provoking works . . . an iconoclastic, mind-stimulating, and strongly recommended read."
The Midwest Book Review

"The most original book of the decade, if not the last fifty years."
Ron Pramschufer—

"This is the book the thinking Christian community has been waiting for."
Ian T. Taylor, Creation Moments

" . . . exceptionally well written, easy enough for the casual art history buff to process, yet comprehensive enough to withstand even the most cynical of critics."
Karen Pruitt Fowler, Bella Online's Art History Editor

In a convincing, lucid narrative, Mr. Johnson reveals the historical stories the artists told about their ancestry and religion, and their connections to what is written in Genesis . . . Opens the door to long-hidden truths about the origins of mankind . . . exhaustively researched, documented and organized.
The Catholic Review